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                                              Cumfy Cushions
         Sensus Cushion

                                                         D E S C R I P T I O N
     Sensus Cushion                                      Sensus foam has finer cells than other
                                                         viscoelastic foams giving a softer, more
                                                         luxurious feel. The Sensus foam achieves a
                                                         smoother, more gradual shift in firmness
                                                         that allows one to change position without
                                                         hitting an uncomfortable barrier of hard, non
                                                         responsive foam. Sensus foam also has a
                                                         longer “Memory” due to it being able to
                                                         retain its viscoelastic properties longer than
     PA R T#  D E S C R I P T I O N
                                                         conventional memory foam.
     1064    Sensus Cushion
             with Triptex Cover
                                                         Nighthawk Manufacturing Inc. has
                                                         created the Sensus Cushion for moderate
                                                         to high end users. We designed this
                                                         cushion with multiple layers of premium
                                                         foam that starts with molded and contoured
                                                         high resilient base foam. We then add our
                                                         pommel/adductor wedges and a layer of
     Sensus Cushion On Base                              SunMate foam. The last layer is 1" of
                                                         Sensus foam for shape forming comfort.

                                                         *Custom Sizes Available Upon Request*

     PA R T#  D E S C R I P T I O N
     1065    Sensus Cushion on Base             ATTRIBUTES                               OPTIONS
             with Recovery 5 Inside   Ÿ Promotes Postural Stability       Ÿ Choice of Medium/Firm SunMate
             & Outer Double-Knit Cover  Ÿ Pressure Relief                 Ÿ Drop Hook Choice (1", or 2")
                                      Ÿ Pressure Reduction
                                      Ÿ Comfort

                                                            Sensus Cushion


                                                                                              Soft SunMate

     Comes Standard with Triptex
     Incontinence Resistant Cover
                                                                                  Soft Medium
                                                                                  Contoured Base

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