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                                 Wedge Hip Cushions

           Wedge Hip Cushion

                                                                       PA R T#  D E S C R I P T I O N
                                                                       1297     18 x 16 x 4-2 High Density Foam
                                                                       1298     18 x 16 x 3-1 High Density Foam
                                                                                Comes with Triptex Cover, Carrying Strap
                                                                                & ABS Base insert

                                                    Hip Cushion

            D E S C R I P T I O N
            Ÿ Wedge design helps prevent patient from sliding forward
            Ÿ Comfort and convenience for post-hip surgery patients
            Ÿ Permits comfortable sitting with legs straighter
            Ÿ High Density Foam provides comfort and reduces pressure
            Ÿ Incontinent-proof Triptex cover wipes clean
            Ÿ Safety strap secures cushion to almost any chair and doubles as a carrying strap
            Ÿ Comes in two heights 3” front and 1” rear, 4” front and 2” rear

                                                          Comes with ABS Base insert

            Wedge Hip Cushion

                                     High Density

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