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                                            Pincore Supreme
      Pincore Cushion

                 Pincore Foam
                 Ÿ  Pincore Foam is an open-cell natural latex product. The proteins that affect those with latex allergies are
                   washed out of the foam, making it non-allergenic and safe for all users.
                 Ÿ  These cushions provide maximum support and pressure relief.
                 Ÿ  Pincore Foam is breathable and hypoallergenic and it’s structure helps to regulate temperature providing
                   maximum comfort to the user.
                 Ÿ  Pincore foam is a two-dimensional material, it is  simultaneously supportive and pressure relieving, where memory foam is a
                   one-dimensional pressure reliever.
                 Ÿ  Optimal orthopedic support (naturally conforming to body contours)
                 Ÿ  Luxurious resilience and feel
                 Ÿ  Enhanced breathability
                 Ÿ  Superior pressure relief that helps bring oxygen and nutrients to muscles
     Pincore Supreme

                                                          PA R T#  D E S C R I P T I O N
                                                          1068       Pincore Supreme
                                                          1068-Base Pincore Supreme on Base
      D E S C R I P T I O N
      Nighthawk Manufacturing Inc. has created the Pincore Supreme cushion for moderate to high end
      users. We designed this cushion with multiple layers of premium foam that starts with a molded and
      contoured high resilient base foam, then add our pommel/adductor wedges, topped with a layer of
      pincore foam. The last layer is 1” Sensus foam for shape forming comfort.

     Pincore Supreme on Base

                                                           Pincore Supreme Cushion


                                                                                                     Pincore Foam


                                                                                      Contoured Base

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